The Foundation administers more than 100 endowed scholarship funds, each one with a unique purpose. Many of these scholarships were established by donors to honor or remember a loved one. 

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Adult Re-Education Scholarship

Amy L. McKee-Everett Memorial Scholarship

Ann Waitt Memorial 4-H Scholarship

Ashlee Brooke Spangler Memorial Scholarship

Beckenholdt Family Scholarship

Benjamin Culver Scholarship

Bob Tracy Business Scholarship

Brandon Couch 4-H Beef Project Scholarship

Brandon Couch Perseverance and Leadership Award

Bruce McKinney Memorial Scholarship

Captain Glenn Blaisdell, USMC-Naval Aviator Memorial Scholarship

Cargold Scholarship

Carline Day Scholarship

Carolyn Johnson Scholarship for Tomorrow’s Teacher

Charles K. Wright Scholarship

Chris Sullivan Memorial Music Booster Scholarship

Christine Dowling Scholarship

Christine Schaefer Theatre Scholarship

David Lodwick Memorial Scholarship

Debra L. Plank Memorial 4-H Scholarship

Don Rickett Scholarship

Cargold Scholarship

Dr. Reinhard and Marlise Bubenzer Rotary Scholarship

Earl J. and Irene B. Brooks Scholarship

Lee and Bessie S. Blazer Memorial Scholarship

Captain Glenn Blaisdell, USMC-Naval Aviator Memorial Scholarship

Beckenholdt Family Scholarship

Mary Ash Scott Bardonner Bardes Scholarship

Jim Andrews Scholarship

Patricia Orr Allemeier Memorial Nursing Scholarship

We have scholarships available for graduating high school and current college students who are pursuing either an Associate or Bachelor’s degree or career credentials.

Scholarship Guidebook

The 2024 Scholarship Guidebook is now available.

The Scholarship Guidebook is your go-to resource for applying for scholarships. It includes all important dates and events, a detailed list of scholarships, and answers to frequently asked questions.

The guidebook was mailed in November to the homes of all graduating students at the four Hancock County public high schools.  The guidebooks are also available through the Guidance Department at each of the four public high schools, the Hancock County Public Library, Work One, and the LINK office.  

Dates to Remember

We’ve gathered all the important deadlines and info you need to apply successfully for scholarships. We’ve also included details on scholarship application windows and additional resources to help you make informed decisions about your college education.

Additional Resources

INvestEd is a free resource for Hoosier students and parents looking for help with college planning and financial aid. At INvestEd, they help families understand how to fund college wisely to help minimize potential education debt.

Helpful Resources

Want to make your application for scholarships successful? View these resources.

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Making the scholarship application process go smoothly starts with gathering all the information that might be needed.

Many Foundation administered scholarships have a financial need component. See the financial need worksheet to determine what information you will need to complete the applications with financial need requirements. 

Frequently Asked Questions

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Yes, you will fill out the Universal Application from December  1 – February 9 and be directed to scholarships available to current college students.

Each scholarship fund is set up differently to meet the wishes of the founding donor; therefore, each scholarship has its own set of requirements to apply and its own selection criteria. A complete list of scholarship funds with detailed information on requirements and criteria is available in the Scholarship Guidebook.

Many CFHC administered scholarships do not include academic performance as a selection criterion, and there are others that only require that you have a minimum GPA or that your class rank falls within a certain percentage.

Yes, several CFHC scholarships are designated for those who wish to pursue any post-secondary education credential. There is a Trade and Technical Scholarship Cycle with applications open February 12 – April 12.

Applicants must meet or exceed minimum secondary education graduation requirements, regardless of class standing, to be eligible for scholarship funds requiring graduation from a secondary education institution. All scholarships designated for graduating students will be awarded the May after students complete their minimum requirements.
It is possible for students to be selected for more than one scholarship.
There is no application fee.

Scholarships are grants generated from the income earned from endowed (permanent) funds administered by the Community Foundation of Hancock County on behalf of donors. Because grants are determined based on a percentage of income earned, some fund awards equate to unusual dollar amounts and are from $500 to $10,000 and up. Specific amounts for most scholarships can be found in the Scholarship Guidebook.

All CFHC-administered scholarships must be used for billable fees (ie. tuition, required fees, room and board, and in some cases, required course-related expenses such as books, supplies, fees, and equipment) unless otherwise outlined in scholarship descriptions in the Scholarship Guidebook. We encourage its use for non-taxable purposes including tuition and required fees.

All CFHC-administered scholarships are one-time scholarships unless outlined in the scholarship amount on scholarship descriptions in the Scholarship Guidebook.

Scholarship recipients who are currently high school students will receive an email in late April informing them of the total amount they have been awarded. Specific scholarships received will be revealed at high school senior awards programs. Current college students will be notified by mail of their awards in late April or early May.

CFHC policy requires scholarship checks to be sent directly to the eligible educational institution* in which the scholarship recipient enrolls. For most scholarships, this information is provided by the recipient on the recipient information form. Checks will be mailed in July.

*Eligible educational institutions are those whose primary function is the presentation of formal instruction that normally maintains a regular faculty and curriculum and normally has a regularly enrolled body of students in attendance at the place where it carries on its educational activities. It is also accredited by a nationally recognized accreditation agency.

CFHC’s Scholarship Policy states that scholarship recipients must utilize funds in accordance with the purposes and conditions of the grant during the academic year immediately following their scholarship award. “Gap years” or interruptions between the award of the scholarship and the beginning of post-secondary education in the following academic year will cause the recipient to forfeit the scholarship. For multi-year scholarships, scholarship recipients must continue their education without interruption to maintain scholarship qualification. Special exceptions may be granted on a case-by-case basis.

A Message From Janet White

I’m available to answer any questions related to scholarships. Reach out to me by email or phone.

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