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As a local organization with deep roots in the community, we understand Hancock County’s pressing needs and its incredible opportunities. It is our mission to work with others to leverage this understanding for the encouragement and celebration of a community where every person has the opportunity to pursue their dreams, enjoy daily life, and invest in meaningful causes.

Who We Are

Funding the future
Hancock County

The Community Foundation provides philanthropic opportunities by encouraging giving through our organization to support the quality of life in Hancock County. Every gift, regardless of size, makes a lasting difference to causes vital to a thriving, engaged community, strong nonprofit providers, and educational access.

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Community Engagement

Our Home

Our location at 971 W. US 40 has been designed to create a sense of place where community is celebrated through the sharing of ideas and the fostering of deeper relationships. It is the home of the Community Foundation’s Thrive Center, the Nest, and the Hive…public spaces that encourage networking and learning. Situated on six acres of green space along the Pennsy Trail, parking is ample, technology is state-of-the-art, and the coffee is brewing!

Thinking Forward

What We Do

Core values support the Community Foundation’s key initiatives and their supporting strategies: Collaboration, Communication, Community Enrichment, Integrity, Leadership, Stewardship

The following strategic approaches to our work ensures that we stay true to our mission of providing philanthropic leadership that encourages giving, continued learning, community pride, and civic engagement:

Partners in Excellence

Nonprofit organizations play a vital role in our community. We partner with these vital service providers to provide resources that support their missions through capacity building tools and grants.

Our work is made possible through the generosity of a caring community. We partner with donors to give efficiently, effectively, and perpetually to causes that improve the lives of those who benefit from our donors’ beloved charitable endeavors.

The power of education cannot be understated. From our support of early childhood literacy to K-12 education foundations to scholarships for career and college pursuits, our aim is to ensure education and career goals are possible for all.

A vibrant today and brighter tomorrow is only made possible through the engagement of inspired residents and informed decision makers dedicated to the elevation of daily life. Our objective is to create bountiful opportunities to learn, contribute, and cultivate a beautiful and welcoming Hancock County.

Community Prosperity

About the Foundation

We are a nonprofit, public charity that encourages philanthropy, convenes and leads community initiatives, provides educational support, and supports nonprofit organizations. We are here to assist you in helping others…your friends, your neighbors, as well as some residents you’ve never met but need support.


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