Linking Caring People to Causes They Care About

In today’s world, it’s easy to see that human needs are everywhere. It can be challenging to know where and how to help. If you desire to make a difference that will last beyond your lifetime, this is an invitation to take the next step.

Giving Through

The Community Foundation is your local philanthropic partner. We are designed to receive and professionally administer gifts from individuals, families, and organizations so they may create an endowment fund or grow one of our many existing endowment funds.

Endowment funds can provide grants for scholarships, charitable organizations, community enrichment, and other worthy causes. All have the purpose of enabling others to build and improve the quality of life forever.

Endowment is the cornerstone of our work. When you donate through the Community Foundation, your gift is invested with the assets of more than 300 other charitable funds stewarded and administered by our organization. As a result, your gift benefits from the maximum earning power and minimum fee impact of a large pool of charitable funds…and so do the causes you care about


A Message From Emily Wilson

I’m available for questions about establishing new funds and the variety of ways available for you to make a difference in your community and leave a legacy for all time.

Grow Your Community

Make a difference today.

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