As the Community Foundation of Hancock County, we host many funds that cover a wide range of causes and needs within our community. 

Donald J. and Margaret E. Hatke Clean Water and Sanitation Fund

Established by Don and Marg, this fund addresses their concern for the welfare of those less fortunate. It provides support to The Rotary Foundation’s Clean Water and Sanitation Fund for projects that enable communities to develop and maintain sustainable water and sanitation systems worldwide.

Hancock Regional Hospital Foundation Legacy Fund

This operating fund provides a perpetual stream of income to the Hancock Regional Hospital Foundation. It enables the foundation to carry out its mission of strengthening the work of the hospital and enhancing community healthcare efforts.

Life Choices Care Center Endowment Fund

An anonymous donor passionate about the organization’s work established this fund. It provides support for the programming and operational needs of Life Choices Care Center.

Marjorie A. Morelock and Donald H. Morelock Fund

Marjorie and Donald established this fund to benefit the Riley Children’s Foundation. It supports families of Indiana children born with cleft and craniofacial anomalies by helping defray care-related expenses or assisting children with eyesight problems.

Mental Health Partners of Hancock County Operating Fund

This fund provides perpetual operating funding to Mental Health Partners of Hancock County. It furthers the organization’s mission to promote and preserve mental health and wellness, increase access to mental health resources, and form partnerships between business entities, government agencies, and private individuals and organizations.

Robert W. and Vera S. Maxwell Fund for Hospice Care

Vera designated CFHC as the beneficiary of her trust, which created the Robert W. and Vera S. Maxwell Charitable Fund. Grants generated from this fund support the work of Hancock Regional Hospital Hospice Care.

Walker Cancer Survivors Fund

Established by cancer survivor Suzanne Walker and supported by her friends, this fund provides financial support to charitable organizations, projects, or initiatives that offer services to cancer survivors.

William Harold and Mary Katherine Kingery Charitable Fund

Mary Katherine established this fund through her estate. It provides operating funds to the Hancock Regional Hospital Foundation.

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