John Hancock
Legacy Society

The John Hancock Legacy Society recognizes and celebrates individuals who have generously included the Community Foundation of Hancock County in their estate plans. By making a planned gift provision to benefit the foundation, you will be continuing to support CFHC even after your lifetime.


Membership in the John Hancock Legacy Society is open to everyone who makes a planned gift provision to CFHC, which can be done in various ways, such as:

  • Making a bequest to the Community Foundation of Hancock County in your will or revocable trust
  • Making the Community Foundation a beneficiary of an IRA or other retirement plan
  • Making a life income gift agreement such as a charitable remainder trust, charitable lead trust, pooled income fund or charitable gift annuity
  • Making the Community Foundation the owner of a paid-up life insurance policy or the beneficiary of a life insurance policy

There is a $3,000 gift requirement for membership in the John Hancock Legacy Society, and the anticipation that the value of the planned gift will meet CFHC’s named fund minimum requirements upon gift maturity. Many estate provisions are expressed as a percentage or remainder of your estate and thus may vary over time.

The Legacy Society recognizes all gifts that, in effect, continue a donor’s support of the Community Foundation of Hancock County after his or her lifetime.

Planned Giving

Unsure of how to begin your charitable giving journey? We can assist you in determining how charitable giving aligns with your personal financial goals.

Legacy Society Members

Mrs. Jean Bardonner
*Ms. Martha Beckenholdt
Ms. Karen Beeson
Mr. and Mrs. Mike Blaisdell
*Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Bloodgood
Ms. Anna Bogan
Ms. Doris Bond
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Broome
*Mrs. June M. Brune
*Mr. and Mrs. Edward Buesking
*Mr. Dennis and Mrs. Evelyn Chapman
Mr. and Mrs. Timothy Clark
*Mr. Rollin J. Cossey
Mr. and Mrs. Bert Curry
Mr. and Mrs. Josh Daugherty
Dr. and Mrs. Michael Day
Ms. Alice Detzler
*Mrs. Betty Dunlavy

*In memoriam

*Mr. Richard and Mrs. Ruth Dunlavy
Mr. Ronald Duzan
Mr. and Mrs. Greg Gibble
Mr. and Mrs. Howard Green
Dr. and Mrs. Christian Gries
*Ms. Anna Griffing
Ms. Jane Hardisty
*Mrs. Dorothy Helfenberger
Mr. and Mrs. Jack Jones
Dr. and *Mrs. Charles E. Jordan
*Mr. Clark and Mrs. Grace Ketchum
*Ms. Nancy King
Mr. and Mrs. Jack McKinney
Mr. and Mrs. Bernie Miller
Mr. James Miller
Mr. and Mrs. Pearson L. Miller
*Mrs. Lois C. Myerholtz
*Ms. Audrey Ortel

Mr. and Mrs. Matthew Ottinger
Dr. and Mrs. Raymond Pohland
Mr. and Mrs. Ron Pritzke
Mr. and Mrs. Roger Reason
Mr. and Mrs. Rick Roberts
Mr. and Mrs. D. Mark Robertson
*Mrs. Dorothy Schramm
Ms. Gloria J. Shamblin
*Ms. Aneta Stewart
*Mr. Lewis Strahl
*Mr. Edward Szymanski
Dr. and Mrs. Robert Tarver
*Mr. and Mrs. Ed Veenhuizen
Mr. Kurt M. Vetters
Dr. Carol Nelson Watson
Mrs. Stephanie White-Longworth
Ms. Cheryl Wilfong
*Mr. and Mrs. Leon Wilson

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