As the Community Foundation of Hancock County, we host many funds that cover a wide range of causes and needs within our community. 

Curry/Walrod Family Memorial Fund

Bert and Irene established this fund to provide support for cemetery preservation and maintenance at Pleasanton Cemetery in Pleasanton, Kansas and Fulton Fairview Cemetery in Fulton, Kansas.

Central Indiana Land Trust Fund

This fund, established by Cheryl Wilfong, will support the Central Indiana Land Trust’s mission to preserve the best of Central Indiana’s natural areas, protecting plants and animals, so Hoosiers can experience the wonder of the state’s natural heritage.

Edward W. and Bessie M. Ortel Memorial Fund

Established by the Ortel’s son, Donald, the Edward W. and Bessie M. Ortel Memorial Endowment provides operating income to Zion Lutheran Cemetery for cemetery preservation care and maintenance.

Glen Cove Cemetery Fund

Founded by Carolyn Thomas Wooden, this fund provides income for the general maintenance of the Glen Cove Cemetery in Knightstown.

Hancock County Historical Society Fund

Established by Phyllis Kingen to encourage society members to support the organization’s future, the fund will provide operating support for the Society to collect, preserve, and interpret the history of Hancock County, Indiana for generations to come.

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