Nonprofits make our community an even better place by serving people in need, enhancing quality of life, and much more. Explore how we identify and address community needs and discover grant opportunities and more available for your nonprofit.

Partners in Excellence

Our role in supporting community nonprofits doesn’t stop with funding. Our position has evolved to include support services and initiatives for nonprofit organizations, such as capacity building, networking events, workshops, and online resources. Our goal is to invest in the organizational health of our grant partners and their future endeavors.

The LevelUp program encourages nonprofit leaders and boards to consider the future of their organization and what support or resources they would need to reach their vision.

The Excellence Academy cultivates an environment of learning and connection for nonprofit leaders to implement efficiencies in their organizations and develop collaborative relationships.

Hello Hancock provides a community calendar to help eliminate conflicting event dates among nonprofits and a volunteer matching portal to connect nonprofits with individuals interested in volunteering.

Nonprofit Networking events offer opportunities for nonprofit leaders and volunteers to connect and learn from each other as well as participate in professional development.

Support to Succeed

Starting a Nonprofit?

Are you thinking about starting a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization in Hancock County, Indiana? Check out the Nonprofit Step-by-Step Guide for how to incorporate in Indiana and file for federal tax-exempt status.

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