Mini Grants Q1

CONTACT: Katie Ottinger, Community Investment and Grants Officer

The Community Foundation awards four Mini Grants

GREENFIELD, Ind. (April 11, 2023) – The Community Foundation of Hancock County (CFHC) recently issued Mini Grants to four organizations from component funds of CFHC. Unless otherwise noted, grants were made from the Hancock County Enrichment Fund, which helps support long-term solutions; respond quickly to emergencies; and meet changing social, cultural, educational, and environmental needs in our local community.

  • The Hancock County Children’s Choir received a $1,500 grant for music and property storage.
  • Hancock County Solid Waste Management District, now called Recycle Hancock County, received a $1,500 grant to publish an updated A-Z Recycling Guide. The Clean and Green Fund partially funded this project. A member of the Community Foundation’s Spirit of Community fund family, grants provide support for conserving and protecting Hancock County’s natural environment through recycling, clean energy, and green initiatives.
  • The Jane Ross Reeves Octagon House was awarded a $1,250 grant to reseal the parking lot of the property in Shirley, Ind.
  • Sugar Creek Baptist Church received a $1,000 grant to host a Grief Conference. These funds will specifically support materials for the conference. The Humanitarian Fund partially funded this project. A member of the Spirit of Community fund family, grants support physical and mental health, rehabilitative services, and crisis intervention. The Humanitarian Fund also promotes housing and shelter services, services supporting the elderly, youth, families, people with disabilities, economically disadvantaged, minorities, and other special groups in Hancock County.

These grants were issued from a pool of funds that is set aside each year to meet nonprofit organizations’ needs that arise outside of the major grant cycles.

CFHC provides philanthropic leadership by encouraging giving, learning, community pride and civic engagement. Working with caring individuals, families, and organizations to create or grow existing permanent endowment funds is critical to the organization’s mission. These funds generate income that is distributed in the form of grants and scholarships to enrich and enhance life in Hancock County, as well as support the donor’s favorite charitable causes, both at home and afar forever. CFHC has granted millions of dollars since its inception in 1992.

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